Astoria, Oregon

So it's the day before the race and we're all in Astoria. Woke up feeling good after a ride over from Portland on Thursday. As I finished last minute errands I ran into others doing the same. I think we bought all of the lithium AAA batteries in the entire town just for our GPS trackers.

The seals are still barking outside of my hotel room window. I don't think they ever stop. They seem to take turns pushing each other off the prime space on the pier.

Everyone's attention span, mine included, seemed to shorten as the day went on. We met at the column in Astoria to pick up our hats and GPS trackers, milled about and talked with all the other riders there. We headed down to the brewery a few at a time and carb-loaded as much as possible. 

The number of riders this year is impressive, about double the number for last year, at the latest count.

I've unpacked and repacked my bags about half a dozen times the last few days, whether from preparation or nerves I'm not sure (pot-ay-to, pot-ah-to?). I'm leaving a small pile of odds and ends at the hotel, and I'm sure I'll continue to shed stuff as I get tired of lugging it along.

Well, gonna try to get some sleep in a real bed for the last time for a while. Hopefully the seals will keep it down.