Phillips Lake, Oregon

It's the morning, starting to warm up finally. Day four.
Passed through a lot of places: started out in Prineville yesterday, passed through Dayville, stopped at this place that had an awesome general store. 
There was a hostel in this town called Mitchell just over the Ochoco Pass--they have a beautiful bike hostel there. They had spaghetti and coffee and snacks for everyone, complimentary--they’re mission based. Perfect timing: had a really good spaghetti breakfast there, and powered on. 
We were rolling along this river most of yesterday. [John Day River] It’s really dry in Eastern Oregon and around the Ochocos, and there was the smell of lavender and sage and jasmine for miles and miles along the river. 
Eventually made it all the way to town, John Day. Stops had been hot all afternoon. I found a place that had food and coffee and it was absolutely perfect because it had been in the 80s for a good while, and sunny. It felt good, the first time on this ride I've really felt warm. 
The cold has been tough, and the altitude too. It’s making my asthma flare up a bit. I actually had to use my inhaler for the first time yesterday. But I think three days into the TransAm isn't bad for somebody who struggles asthma like I have.

More about last night and this morning later!